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Just remember, Maggie is the victim here…

27 Jul

This sign was being carried by one of NOM’s followers in Indianapolis, IN. Hat tip to

Update: You can now sign a petition to tell the National Organization for Marriage to repudiate these threats of lynching directed at gay couples.


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Help! Help! I’m being repressed!

24 Jul

This is Maggie how NOM plays the victim.  “Help! Help! I’m being repressed!”

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The Christian Definition of Marriage

23 Jul

This has been around for a while, but if you haven’t seen it yet…..


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I agree with NOM on something….

21 Jul

Barely a week into this and I agree with NOM on something. This doesn’t bode well.

NOM is reporting that thousands are supporting the University of Illinois professor who was fired for teaching the Catholic Churches position on homosexuality during a “History of the Catholic Church” class.

Well NOM, you can enjoy this one while it lasts.  NOMTaunts officially agrees with your position on this one. It would be crazy to expect a professor to teach otherwise.  While we disagree with the Church’s position on homosexuality (and really, people who live in stained glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones), we cannot deny the fact that they hold that position.

I think this student’s outrage was misdirected. He shouldn’t be directing his outrage at the Professor. He should be directing it at the Vatican.

And really, what did this student expect? If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan and you walk into a Pittsburgh Steeler’s sports bar, you should expect to be offended.

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Tweet of the Day

21 Jul

Tweet from Almighty God

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NOM is proud of their new fake family Hate bus

19 Jul

NOM has been posting photos of their new bus they’re taking on Hate Tour 2010.  It’s sides are plastered with images of happily (presumably married) couples. Only one problem….. they aren’t real families. points out that all of the families pictured on the side of Hate Bus 2010 are actually from a website call

Apparently, NOM believes that marriage is between one stock photo man and one stock photo woman.

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Apparently we punish those who disagree with us.

19 Jul

In a post yesterday, NOM points to an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that asks this question:

Same-sex marriage supporters assure us that redefining marriage is no big deal.  “How will my same-sex marriage hurt you?” they ask, expecting the answer to be “it doesn’t.” Don’t believe it.

Well, knowing this, I wasn’t surprised when I announced my engagement last January that of the 5 married co-workers who sit next to me at work, 5 of them immediately called up their lawyers and filed for divorce.  What was shocking though was that I don’t even live in a state where gay marriage is legal. They had all assumed that since they lived in a state where gay marriage was not yet approved, their heterosexual marriages would be safe.

The reality of course is that none of that is true. None of my co-workers have filed for divorce. NOM states that marriage is for making babies… well my heterosexual co-workers have been fulfilling their duties admirably. Of the 5 married co-workers that I sit next to, they have a total of 21 children and one on the way (ok, one of the co-workers has 12 kids, but still)

There is simply no way that gays getting married could put an end to that.

The rest of the article goes on to describe how we gays will punish the NOM crowd. But all of their points boil down to “if we accept public funds, we can no longer preach our hate! Boo hoo!”


Opening Day!

19 Jul

Today we start documenting bigotry of the National Organization for Marriage. 2010 is turning out to be a banner year for gay marriage supporters and the hits from NOM bigots just keep on coming. Argentina approved same sex marriage just last week, gay marriage was approved and reaffirmed in Washington D.C., sections of DOMA have been ruled unconstitutional in Federal Court. The trial against Proposition 8 in California looks extremely promising, and just today, the Irish President, Mary McAleese, signed Civil Partnerships into law.

NOM has been silent so far on the Irish development.

The next few posts will be catchup on some of NOM’s idiocy.