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I agree with NOM on something….

21 Jul

Barely a week into this and I agree with NOM on something. This doesn’t bode well.

NOM is reporting that thousands are supporting the University of Illinois professor who was fired for teaching the Catholic Churches position on homosexuality during a “History of the Catholic Church” class.

Well NOM, you can enjoy this one while it lasts.  NOMTaunts officially agrees with your position on this one. It would be crazy to expect a professor to teach otherwise.  While we disagree with the Church’s position on homosexuality (and really, people who live in stained glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones), we cannot deny the fact that they hold that position.

I think this student’s outrage was misdirected. He shouldn’t be directing his outrage at the Professor. He should be directing it at the Vatican.

And really, what did this student expect? If you’re a Cleveland Browns fan and you walk into a Pittsburgh Steeler’s sports bar, you should expect to be offended.

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