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NY Town Clerk quits over gay marriage

13 Jul

A Town Clerk in Barker New York has resigned rather than sign any gay marriage licenses according to the incorrectly named website “New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms”

In a resignation letter presented to the Barker Town Board on July 11, Ms. Fotusky presented the following letter of resignation:

“To the Town of Barker Board, Supervisor Dilworth, Attorney Lewis and the Town Residents,”

“I have been in contact with Jason McGuire from New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, our Town Attorney, Richard Lewis, and a Constitutional Lawyer regarding the Marriage Equality Act that was passed June 24, 2011.  There was no protection provided in the legislation for Town Clerks who are unable to sign these marriage licenses due to personal religious convictions, even though our US Constitution supports freedom of religion.

I believe that there is a higher law than the law of the land. It is the law of God in the Bible.  In Acts 5:29, it states, ‘We ought to obey God rather than men. The Bible clearly teaches that God created marriage between male and female as a divine gift that preserves families and cultures. Since I love and follow Him, I cannot put my signature on something that is against God.  Deuteronomy 10:12 says, ‘…What does the Lord your God ask of you but to fear the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways, to love Him, to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and soul, and to observe the Lord’s commands and decrees that I am giving you today for your own good.

I would be compromising my moral conscience if I participated in the licensing procedure. Therefore, I will be resigning as of July 21. I wanted you to know my position as I understand the marriage law goes into effect on July 24.

 It has been a pleasure and privilege to serve the Town as Barker Town Clerk.”

I smell hypocrisy. If she was so worried about signing her name on something that was against God, was she refusing to sign the marriage licenses of all applicants who have been divorced? In Luke 16:18 says “”Every one who divorces his wife and marries another commits adultery, and he who marries a woman divorced from her husband commits adultery.”. Mark 10:2-12 echos this.
So this town clerk has been signing her name to marriages that are against God, the Bible, and Jesus for as long as she has been in that role. I support her decision to stand by her moral convictions…. if only she were actually consistent about it.

I am an I.T. guy. I firmly believe that Windows XP is absolutely inadequate in a business environment from a security and performance perspective. If I went to my boss and said “I will no longer support Windows XP machines and will only support Windows 7 machines from here on out”, my boss would rightly fire me for refusing to do the job I am paid for. The Town Clerk’s job is to affirm that the applicants for marriage are eligible according to the laws of the State of New York…. not her own laws, or her God’s laws, or her Bible’s laws, or anything that her Great Aunt Mildrid says should be law. By formerly stating that she refuses to perform the duties that the job entails, she should NOT be allowed to resign but should be fired on the spot for negligence.


Come out! Come out wherever you are!

27 Aug

It looks like this is the week for the anti-gay flying monkeys to come out of the closet. First, the notoriously anti-gay Ken Mehlman, G.W. Bush’s 2004 campaign advisor who helped to get gay marriage bans on the books in 11 states officially came out. Rumors have been flying about Mehlman’s homosexuality since at least 2005 and even Bill Maher mentioned Mehlman’s gayness on Larry King that far back. Mehlman’s description about how it’s taken him 43 years to come out and he wish he had “known” 20 years ago is vomit inducing, made for tearful Oprah show, book tour, quest for forgiveness tripe! I expect the book to be named something equally as vapid like “Coming out GOP” or “My Gay GOP Story”

Across the pond, equally notoriously anti-gay Tory Crispin Blunt has announced that he is leaving his wife and coming out as a homosexual.

In a statement, his office said: “Crispin Blunt wishes to make it known that he has separated from his wife Victoria.

“He decided to come to terms with his homosexuality and explained the position to his family. The consequence is this separation.

“There is no third party involvement, but this is difficult for his immediate and wider family and he hopes for understanding and support for them.

I really have no sympathy for these folks, even though I’m supposed to. I feel we should extend to them the same sympathy and courtesy they’ve shown the gay community during their tenures.