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Dear NOM,

25 Jun


Marriage Equality passes in New York State 33 to 29.



Holy Crimes

18 Oct

One of my favorite bloggers has a recurring post called The Week in Holy Crimes where he lists all of the charges, indictments, and convictions against religious leaders that have happened in the last week.

I fall firmly on the side of “organized religion is unnecessary” and that most religions today seem to serve more of a solution towards our natural tenancy to “pack”. This creates an “us verse them” mentality in the minds of the members. Religion should be personal and private if you have it. Churches are not needed and are an utter waste of resources.

If Churches were really concerned about the poor, how many homeless could bunk in the chapel area of a typical city church?

One of the recent examples of churches ignoring their declared duty of charity is the Catholic Diocese of Minnesota spending money to produce, print, and mail over 1 million DVDs warning of the dangers of gay marriage. Let’s do the math.

The cheapest, same zipcode, MediaMail rate is $2.38 for first class.
The DVD case they used cost about $1.00 in bulk
Bulk printable DVDs are $0.38
Printing for case insert and DVD is another $0.75
Plus production cost and labor.

So, at minumum, the Catholic church spent $4,500,000 to tell everyone that gays give them the heebi-jeebes.

That’s $4.5 million that could have been used across Minnesota to help feed the poor or house the homeless.

And that, sir, is a Holy Crime.


Opening Day!

19 Jul

Today we start documenting bigotry of the National Organization for Marriage. 2010 is turning out to be a banner year for gay marriage supporters and the hits from NOM bigots just keep on coming. Argentina approved same sex marriage just last week, gay marriage was approved and reaffirmed in Washington D.C., sections of DOMA have been ruled unconstitutional in Federal Court. The trial against Proposition 8 in California looks extremely promising, and just today, the Irish President, Mary McAleese, signed Civil Partnerships into law.

NOM has been silent so far on the Irish development.

The next few posts will be catchup on some of NOM’s idiocy.